HealthyU VIP Membership

NEW for 2017: VIP Membership (Macon Campus Only)

Wellness is pleased to now offer another tier of HealthyU membership on the Macon Campus.  New or returning members can enroll in our premium HealthyU VIP (HUVIP) program that begins July 1, 2017.  HUVIP offers the same great incentives as always, but with added premium rewards for HUVIP members.  Exisiting HealthyU members on the Macon Campus who are interested in upgrading can find a registration form here.

How it Works

Upon registration in HUVIP, you will receive your membership card.  Membership cards are renewed every 6 months (January and July).  To maintain HUVIP membership, you must earn a total of 250 HealthyU points every 6 months (June – December, January – June).  Eligible HealthyU points must be accrued based on Program Guidelines.  

What You Get

HUVIP membership entitles you to additional incentives, rewards, and exclusive events and programs including but not limited to:

  • Bi-annual VIP Packages may include t-shirts, fitness gear, and other wellness-related rewards.
  • 20% discount at the Mercer University Bookstore*
  • Exclusive members-only events such as community cooking classes, off-campus events, and family-friendly outdoor activities
  • Reserved early registration for popular on-campus activities
  • Access to members-only online content including Wellness DIY videos, tutorials, and apps

*Mercer bookstore 10% discount limited to no more than $50 purchase