Be Rewarded

HealthyU is the Wellness incentive program that offers you rewards for engaging in healthy behaviors.  With your commitment towards healthier living, eligible employees earn points (maximum 1,000) throughout the year that can be redeemed as either Days Off (up to 2 vacation days) or Dollars Off (up to $500 off your maximum out of pocket on Mercer's Health Plan).   Earn points for all kinds of healthy activities: working out, annual routine screenings, running a local 5K, getting a massage, and so much more!  Earning and logging points are easy with HealthyU.  Get fit.  Feel great.  Be rewarded.


All regular full-time Mercer employees may participate in Employee Wellness programs and services at no charge.  Participation in the "Well Off" incentive reward applies to all full-time employees on all campus locations.  The Well Spent reward may be used to offset maximum out-of-pocket costs only in the Mercer University Health Plan.  Employees may choose to participate in either program but not both; registration is required.

Accumulating Points

Registered participants will receive points for participating in Employee Wellness programs, activities, and events as well as eligible community and individual activities.  Beginning in July 2015, HealthyU points will be tracked via BearCard.

Incentive Description: "Well Off"

Employees will be awarded up to one full day of vacation for accumulating 450-500 points over 6 months (maximum 2 vacation days per fiscal year based on 900-1000 points).  To be eligible for Well Off, employees must accumulate at least 50 points per month for that month's points to count toward the total qualified points.  Employees earn time off at the rate of one minute for every point.

Incentive Description: "Well Spent"

Employees will be awarded up to a maximum $500 credit for accumulating 1000 points over the course of one calendar year.  Accumulated dollars in Well Spent will reduce the maximum out of pocket in Mercer's Health Plan for the employee and will be applied on 1 January of the year following the reward year.  To be eligible for Well Spent, employees must be enrolled in the Mercer Health Plan and must accumulate at least 50 points per month for that month's points to count toward the total qualified points.  Employees earn maximum out of pocket reduction at a rate of $.50 per HealthyU point. 

Program Guidelines

  • Participants must accumulate a minimum of 50 points/month for that month's points to count toward total the incentive.  For example, if an employee earns 40 points in one month, the total points applied for that month is zero. 
  • Employees may not transfer points between incentive programs, retrain carry-over points, or transfer points to other employees.  
  • Well Off time is not to be carried over from year to year and will not be paid out as regular vacation accrual  in the event of separation from the university for any reason whether that be retirement, resignation, or any other termination. 
  • New employees may register and begin the incentive program immediately upon hire; same monthly minimum points apply.  
  • Activities and events that qualify for incentive points include only those sponsored through bona fide Employee Wellness programs at Mercer or approved at the discretion of Employee Wellness staff.  Please call x2224 for information about special options for our remote campuses at Savannah Memorial, MERC, and Centers of Excellence.  
  • Please check with your supervisor or program director to see if participation in the Well Off program is allowable under your contract or grant.
  • Participating employees should verify and submit their HealthyU points and incentive program selection (Well Off or Well Spent) to Employee Wellness no later than July 31 for the preceding fiscal year.  Participants will receive verification instructions via email no later than July 1 each fiscal year.